As one gets up in age, it becomes increasingly difficult to move around. When movement is limited, it hinders the ability for our senior citizens to maintain social relations. It is therefore critical that one maintains a healthy lifestyle by regularly exercising. The goal is not to bulk up in muscle but to make sure you gain enough movements in the joints. Here are a few steps seniors can take to exercise daily:


If one still has the ability to walk albeit with a cane or not, a simple walking exercise is enough to get the body going for the day. Seniors can enjoy some time at the dog park, taking their pets on a stroll. Most major malls are a great social place for seniors as they tend to provide climate-controlled spaces where seniors convene early in the morning and do group walks. Wondering how to get there and join the movement? Humble Home Transportation will take and pick you up at the location of your choice!


Some seniors chose to stay at the comforts of their homes. This brings the possibility of them taking advantage of the space and freedom they get at home. They can engage in exercising videos that have a step to step guide. The intensity of the workout will depend on how active one chooses to get. Working from help also ensures one can be at the watch and care from a senior caregiver. Humble Home Care Services provides excellent non-medical caregivers that travel to your home and provide companionship and care.

  • YOGA

Seniors do not only need to exercise their physical body but also their minds. Yoga is a mental and spiritual practice. It is important that seniors keep their minds healthy, this will boost their social attitude. The practice is easy and readily available to all. I recommend spending at least 15 minutes a day meditating. Once you get comfortable with the process, you can increase this exercise up to 30 minutes or more a day. The practice of yoga will enable you to focus on your breathing cycles, which helps with relaxation.

  • DIET

Lastly, with all the hard work you have put in towards exercising the last thing you want to do is undo the progress you have made. Therefore, it is critical you plan diet right by having a balanced meal plan. Know your needs and have a caregiver help in prepping the meal ahead of time.

So why exercise at all? All this hard work will not be in vain. Exercising has great benefits:

1. Weight loss.

2. Increase mobility.

3. Reduce risk of diseases.

4. Boost flexibility in your joints.

5. Boosts self-confidence.

6. Better sleep.






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