NOW, is all we got! Yesterday is but a memory and while tomorrow a projection of what has happened in the past. We as a people are resilient, humanity makes best out of any circumstance. It is easy to go on accepting reality as how it is compared to realizing that we create our reality based on our environment. An often-used phrase is the “new norm”, its phrased as new since we all in accordance accept unanimously that this is the way things are. The world as we knew it before is gone, a new wave and a new reality has dawned upon us. And as mentioned before, we are a resilient bunch and have made a quick turnaround, we’ve accepted the new norm, redone our living spaces and learnt to be a sanitary society.

COVID-19 (Corona Virus) has challenged the system, it has also challenged our responsibility towards our fellow humans who have underlying respiratory issues and might be at a greater risk of contracting the virus and even worse, losing their life. As mentioned before, life is in the NOW, as in this very moment. We’ve had to learn and adapt in the NOW, get better at working remotely and go on without services that we once held so dearly. COVID-19 is not the first outbreak that has hit the world, but it is the first that has happened when we have social awareness and data to track it. Every cloud has a silver lining, and this time around we could use this disaster to learn so that we can be better prepared for any future outbreaks.

Since these are unprecedented times and the long-term effects of COVID-19 are yet to unfold, for both that have recovered and the rest. Breaking a regular routine and staying isolated might cause mental health issues in the long run. So, we should treat one another kindly and sympathize with those struggling emotionally and or financially.

It is easy to feel small or powerless, but your part in this world plays a greater role in the grand scheme of things. It as easy as reciting your ABC’s, always remember to maintain a healthy social distance and wash your hands with soap thoroughly and lastly wear protective facial masks when in public. We can all manage to do that, can’t we? You might be wondering what is next, what is there to do to keep busy since you might be having some extra time on your hands that you didn’t before. Like my grandmother always insists, there is always something to do and as such I suppose it is due time you work on that business idea you’ve always had or better yet learn to play that music instrument; follow your passion for tomorrow is not promised, NOW is all you got.

Moving forward we are the masters of our own fate. What we decide to do in the NOW will impact what comes next. Our will, resiliency and hope are more than enough to empower us through these trying times. Together we can write a new chapter, one that will tell our story for those that came after us, and those that come after them.







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