This are trying times indeed. But in every trial, there is a silver lining, and at the moment we have to look deep within to find it. Many a people have had their daily lives disrupted; what was once routine seems like a distant memory. If there is a lesson to be taken from this chapter in humanity, it is that every moment is special and should never be taken for granted. Therefore, as we brace for the worst, we should keep in mind that brighter days lie ahead. Together we can overcome anything!

We are a nation built on dreams; it is no secret that for centuries on end people have been migrating to our shores in the hope of a new life with a fresh beginning. Hope is therefore no stranger to Americans, it is in our D.N.A., it is what has kept us going. Hope is an optimistic state of mind; and what the human mind is set towards it achieves. Despite the dark shadow of COVID-19 that looms in our communities, we are a capable society that is able to prevent the spread of the virus. Change happens as soon as you take initiative; do not wait for your neighbor to change, rather take action by being a leader.

Love is a universal language for togetherness. Though the times might be hard, it does not call for division amongst us. No need to be pointing fingers or blaming groups for the spread of the virus. The virus is indiscriminate and only cares for a respiratory system, which makes every one of us a target. Love is the understanding that behind every fatality is a person, and their loss has been felt by a multitude of people. Let us not get caught up with statistics; percentages of death do not give the true reality of the matter. Behind every digit was a life just like your own. So, its high time we love ourselves, by continuing to take preventive measures to curb the spread of the virus.

A nation of immigrants sure knows a thing or two about perseverance. Our continued efforts to achieve somethings despite difficulties has surely been noted. The people of New York City had the tenacity to rebuild the city’s image and sense of safety after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It is high time we pick up the same mentality and push on in order to re-open our towns and cities. Most importantly, we owe it to our healthcare workers across the nation for their valiant efforts in fighting the virus and risking their lives by being on the front lines. There’ll come a time we’ll look back at this pandemic and it will be another chapter we have persevered and succeeded. Let us ensure the story of humanity still lives on.






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