Documentation and Communication at the workplace

Updated: Mar 10

Documentation is defined as material that provides evidence and serves as a record. Documentation is critical at the workplace in managing the business employees and clients. Proper documentation could mean the difference between a successful business and one that is barely staying afloat.

Therefore, it is important to have a good practice of documenting. Poor documentation could be worse than no documentation. A systematic method of documenting makes it easier to stay and remain organized. This opens up the door for effective communication. When a business is organized in the back end, it becomes easier to communicate its vision and tradition towards its employees and it leads to earned trust from its clients.

Tips for Documentation

  • Have a filing system

Having a system that organizes the files and documents in a business is critical. The system should be organized in a manner that makes it easier to retrieve information.

  • Establish the do’s and don’ts for documenting

When documenting it is important to be clear and concise. No generalizations or personal impressions.

  • Have a deadline

Establish when each document should be completed, submitted and filed.

  • Review documentation periodically.

Go over the documentation and ensure it is all up to date.

Tips for Communication

  • Open door policy

Any member of the organization can share their thoughts without worrying about their rank

  • Take responsibility

A culture of honesty at the work place will ensure each individual take responsibility for their roles.

  • Provide feedback

Ensuring there is no disconnect between what is communicated and what ends up being done.

Humble Home Care Services is dedicated to serving our clients. Our practice of documenting each visit as well as communicating with our nurses and health aides, makes us a perfect fit for providing the best care for our elderly. Years of experience in the field, have taught us the essentials to humane care.






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