To wear a mask or not to wear a mask? To use gloves or not use them?

A couple of weeks in since the quarantine period began due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and everyone is handling the situation a little bit different. Life has changed for many Americans, travel plans have been cut short, schools have been suspended and all non-essential businesses have been closed. Even during isolation, basic supplies are required in the household. For instance, grocery shopping every once in a while, if necessary, gas refill and other errands that result in contact with public shared spaces. It is during such trips that many Americans are conflicted on whether to use gloves when they go out. One way to look at it is some form of protection is better than none. Masks and gloves are preventive measures meant to curb the spread and pick up of germs.

It is certainly reasonable that when you use gloves, it limits the possibility of picking up germs on all the surfaces you’ll come in contact with. With gloves on, you’ll feel the extra layer on top and will be more mindful of not touching your mouth or eyes. Gloves are great since they give us protection against airborne viruses or germs, something that you cannot afford to overlook.

Well you might be reading this article and thinking to yourself that you are invincible to disease or illness. Perhaps so, but protecting yourself from the virus isn’t about you. It is about those that are vulnerable to it, you might not succumb to the virus but you could be a carrier that helps accelerate the spread. Our recommendation is to both use face masks and hand gloves whenever necessary, especially in the healthcare sector.






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